"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, October 22, 2012

Minnesota Vote, Taking a Stand

Why I am voting "Yes- Marriage is one man and one woman" at the upcoming election: 1. I am a true Christian, and I base my beliefs on the Bible. The Bible has strong statements concerning marriage. No argument here (You may 'interpret' however you like, but the words stand). Believe or not. True believers follow Christ, not men. 2. I value free speech. You can say all you like about anything, inc
luding sin, right now. Discrimination is about to reverse, and free speech will be costly if we legalize homosexuality. It has already cost millions in countries where it was made legal. Say something against homosexuality or refuse access to a homosexual for personal reasons and be fined or lose your job. This is discrimination against true Christians. 3. I want to decide about the definition of marriage, not some court of justice made up of lawyers. I want the definition to hold, even as it has held all over the world, including places that have NO GOD to guide. Marriage is always one man, one woman. No court or modern society can change what always has been. 4. Marriage as it stands is difficult enough already. Divorce, polygamy, race restriction, adultery, fornication are all abuses of marriage. Enough already. Keep it simple, please. (Canadian courts are overwhelmed with divorce settlements among homosexuals right now, too. A costly side effect of legalizing perversion.) 5. Children NEED male and female role models, and who can dispute the effectiveness of a family to raise children? No one. Exceptions do not prove a rule, in fact statistics prove this effectiveness over and over.
Those of us who believe the Bible will never give up on it. It is the power of salvation to all who believe. BELIEVE!

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