"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, November 13, 2017

Much Going On

There was a report that WWIII almost started three times last week.

At our prophecy study on Sunday evening there was talk of all of the happenings across the world---Saudi Arabia, Asia, Russia---Trump in Asia. It seems as if everything is on tenterhooks.

The church is full of issues, too. Christians are good at airing their dirty laundry. So are political conservatives. It seems that leftists deftly slide their garbage under the rug and pretend nothing happened.

Roy Moore. What to believe? We are in the throes of fake news stories, and these stories are coming from all sides. Even well-meaning believers can pass on fake stories in good faith. I've done it. I'm guilty.

It makes us all unsure, tentative, and unconfident.

But what a wonderful time to wholly cast ourselves on the authority of Scripture!

If Roy Moore and Harvey Weinstein are sexual perverts we are little affected. Bill Clinton and all of his sexual exploits mean little. The televangelists and their shenanigans are nothing.

We are all affected by sexual immorality, though, and it is rampant. Rampant.

We do live in a degenerate age.

People are fornicating, committing adultery, having abortions, murdering, lying, stealing, disrespecting parents and God Himself.

Our age is full of idolatry, making God into our own image, casting away the things that disturb us, creating a being that does not exist, yet our finite minds persist in the prideful exercise of God-conjuring.

When you don't have an authority (the Bible) you have nothing.

I watched a little clip from a movie I think. It had Alec Baldwin mocking Christians for disobeying the Bible by touching a pig skin, eating shellfish, and wearing clothing that was against Mosaic ceremonial law. He mocked the stoning that was called for in the Old Testament.

Taking things from Scripture and twisting their significance is an old trick that Satan has mastered. As spirit-filled believers we know better. We know the context of ceremonial law, Christ's sacrifice to pay for the sins of breaking God's law, and our efforts to please God as believers in this world----in the world and not of the world.

The law stands. It is not nullified. Christ gave Himself to satisfy the law, blood shed on the cross for our sin.

Satan loves to trip us up.

We know that God declares us clean. We remember Peter's dream and we know that Gentiles are also included in the saving grace of God.

It's getting dark out there!

I'm glad for the inner light that comes from reading God's Word daily.

I don't know how anyone gets through the day without His promises.

It's beyond me.

I've been managing a cold this past week and a half. I think I relapsed. Not working the Deli, and I don't want to be Typhoid Mary.  I am at school this week, but I'm keeping my distance from the kids, floating through the assignments.

Thanksgiving next week, and I've pulled the significant cookbooks from the shelves to plan the holiday feasts.

Tonight we are going to see the "Genesis" movie. I've been interestedly watching the development of this film for about five years now, so I'm excited to see it tonight.

Genesis is true. It's history.

And that is faith, believing that God revealed Himself through creation and His Word, and then taking Him at His word.

That's the part that messes some people up. They just cannot bring themselves to let God Define Himself.

They always have a better idea about who God should be.

As if.

There's a lot going on. It's so freeing to rest in the knowledge that God has it completely under control. All of it.

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