"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Time, Times, and Half Time

I'm home today.

Yesterday I fell down the stairs at the Middle School, right as kids were coming in from the bus. I knew I'd hurt my foot, but since I had tight boots on I made it through the day, hobbling around.

The kids were sweet, sympathetic! I was teaching English for the fifth grade.

The doctor says I sprained my foot, and I am so grateful it isn't broken! Today I can take it easy, and there was much healing during the night. I can get around with an ace bandage.

You never know what a day will bring, do you?

But God knows! How comforting.

This time it wasn't serious.

Today I get time to catch up on the Times. I miss having the time to read articles on the internet. I'm a news junkie to a point. Since I didn't log onto Facebook this week until this morning I missed out on some interesting news.

That's okay.

But these Times are surely fascinating. Prophecy watchers are ALWAYS interpreting the news in light of the prophesied events, and we cannot deny the significance of the Trump administration, the global issues, the natural disasters.

Even dyed-in-the-wool pagans are predicting things the Bible predicted! Mass extinctions, dire conditions.

It's coming, and it's time to get in the ark of salvation. It's the ONLY hope.

My husband celebrated a birthday this week. I had to calculate his age. I've become accustomed to our regular occurrence of birthdays, and forget the exact one now.

This weekend we celebrate a month of marriage weeks. Or a month of marriage years! Four times seven. Twenty-eight. We've stuck it out, through thick and thin!

It's an anniversary worth celebrating!

Sevens figure prominently in Scripture. We are looking ahead to a Bridal feast that will last a "week"----most interpret that as seven years, not days. "Yom" isn't used here, the Hebrew word for "day."

Humans have their earth-rotated days as symbols of times in eternity. A week of years is a tiny fraction of our eternal existence.

This week corresponds to the time of tribulation that falls on Yahweh's bride here on earth. But there is hope. They will come to salvation! Everyone who is of Israel will be saved! All, says the Word. Hard times, but hope for the end.

They will recognize their Messiah, they will look on Him and grieve. (Isaiah)

Jewish people need to repent and ask Jesus to be their savior to be saved eternally, but they do have that prediction that in the Tribulation they WILL do that. They will see Jesus and they will believe. That's prophecy.

Those of the "Replacement Theology" mindset don't believe in Scripture, and they preach that the church has completely replaced Israel. They "interpret" all the Scriptures mentioning Israel as referring to the church.

There has been controversy about Martin Luther and his anti-semitic views. He read Scripture, saw the prophecies concerning Israel, believed them, became frustrated that the Jews he knew weren't "getting on with things!"  Angered, he decried their lack of understanding and published some very nasty things.

He had a problem with anger, apparently. He had a problem with alcohol. He had problems. He was an imperfect human.

But he sure got a lot right! Abandoning the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church for the truth of Scripture was pivotal and world-changing.

When we forget the plain reading of Scripture, with the knowledge of cultural context, we find ourselves in murky waters. Each and everyone of us should be looking for Christ's return for HIS bride, the church (distinction here, from Yahweh's bride----Israel) and that has been the case for 2,000 years. We all want Him to come and get us!

And we are watching and waiting.

The Bible says that half way through the Tribulation period there will be an abomination set in the temple by the Antichrist. This is the Half Time I mentioned. We can be confident that we will not see that event because we believers will be with the bridegroom celebrating our bridal week in heaven!

We can be confident that we will be with Christ because He is returning with his BRIDE at the second coming! We will all return to earth on white horses and reign with Christ for 1,000 years.

So get ready. Have oil (the Holy Spirit) in your lamps. The shout is about to be heard, and the bridegroom is about to come to take us to His mansion.

How exciting. How romantic.

I love a love story. It's time to be watching, and the time is ripe.
Believe today.

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